Series on Systems and Control
The Editorial Plan

  1. The series on Systems and Control was initiated by the Science Press and the Technical Committee on Control Theory (TCCT), Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), with the intent of publishing the most advanced academic books on systems and control by the authors both at home and from abroad. Professor Lei Guo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), will be the Editor-in-Chief, and Professor Jie Chen of Beijing Institute of Technology will serve as the Deputy Editors-in-Chief. The Editorial Board consists of world-renowned researchers in the field of systems and control.

  2. The series is to be divided into two parallel tracks: one in English and one in Chinese. The track in English will be jointly published with foreign publishers, which will be responsible for the promotion and marketing of the series in the overseas market. The series aims at publishing volumes that contain innovative materials, representing either new research directions or classical topics with current interests.

  3. As an important portion of its readership is graduate students, the series pays special attention to the quality of the presentation and exposition of the materials.

  4. All authors are welcome to submit proposals for volumes to be included in the series. The editorial board will also seek and invite potential authors to contribute a volume.

  5. The proposal forms can be downloaded form the TCCT website as well as the Science Press website. For English (Chinese) books the English (Chinese) form must be used.

  6. The series will emphasize on the quality, rather than the quantity.

This book series represents a brand new mode of operation for both the Science Press and the TCCT. We are however delighted at the warm responses we have received from the management of the Science Press as well as from the members of the TCCT. We are thus encouraged to work hard toward our goals.

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