Plenary Speakers at CCC(1994—)

第37届中国控制会议, 2018年7月25~27日, 中国 武汉

The 37th Chinese Control Conference,   July 25-27, 2018,  Wuhan China

  • Lei Guo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China), "Towards a Theoretical Foundation of PID Control"
  • Brian D. O. Anderson (The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia), "Beyond Consensus and Polarisation: Complex Social Phenomena in Social Networks"
  • Xiaoming Hu(Royal Institute of Technology,Stockholm ), "Attitude Control of Multi-rigid-body Systems: from Synchronization to Intrinsic Formation"
  • Francesco Bullo (University of California, Santa Barbara,USA), "Network Science and Kuramoto Oscillators"
  • Philip Chen (University of Macau, Macau, China), "Broad Learning: A Paradigm Shift in Discriminative Incremental Learning"
  • Kouhei Ohnishi (Keio University, Tokyo, Japan), ""Real Haptics""
  • Jie Huang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong, China), "The Certainty Equivalence Principle and the Cooperative Control of Multi-agent Systems"

第36届中国控制会议, 2017年7月26~28日, 中国 大连

The 36th Chinese Control Conference,   July 26-28, 2017,   Dalian China

  • Karl Johan Astrom(Lund University, Sweden), "Automatic Control - a Perspective"
  • Tianyou Chai(Northeastern University, China), "Smart Control System for Energy-intensive Equipment"
  • Jie Chen(City University of Hong Kong, China), "When is a Time-Delay System Stable and Stabilizable? A Third-Eye View by an Amateur"
  • A. Stephen Morse(Yale University, USA), "Advances in Distributed Control and Computation"
  • Zong-Ben Xu(Xi'an Jiaotong University, China), "Distributed Optimization and Learning"
  • Denis Dochain(Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), "Biological Systems and Automatic Control Some Results, Difficulties, Challenges and Opportunities"
  • Xiaohua Xia(University of Pretoria, South Africa), "The Common Myths of Control Systems Modelling"

第35届中国控制会议, 2016年7月27~29日, 中国 成都

The 35th Chinese Control Conference,   July 27-29, 2016,   Chengdu China

  • John Doyle(California Institute of Technology, USA), "Universal laws and architectures for bio, med, neuro, and tech nets"
  • Qingquan Qian(National Rail Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center, China), "Automation of High-Speed Railway Traction Power Supply Systems"
  • John S. Baras(University of Maryland, USA), "Networked Cyber-Physical Systems"
  • Janan Zaytoon(University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France), "Practical and Dependable Control Synthesis for Programmable Logic Controllers"
  • Hong Chen(Jilin University, China), "Triple-step nonlinear control design: Methodology and automotive applications"
  • Bo Wahlberg(KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), "Convex Relaxation Techniques for Control and System Identification"
  • Guanrong Chen(City University of Hong Kong, China), "Pinning Control and Controllability of Complex Networks"

第34届中国控制会议和日本仪器与控制工程师学会2015年会, 2015年7月28~30日, 中国 杭州

The 34th Chinese Control Conference and SICE Annual Conference 2015,   July 28-30, 2015,   Hangzhou China

  • Youxian Sun(Zhejiang University, China), "Research and Application of Advanced Control Equipments and Systems"
  • Hirofumi Akagi(Tokyo Institute of technology, Japan), "The Cutting Edge of Power Electronics for High-Power Applications"
  • P. R. Kumar(Texas A&M University, USA), "Provably Safe Design of Cyber-physical System"
  • Satoshi Tadokoro(Tohoku University, Japan), "Challenge of Disaster Robotics"
  • Maria Elena Valcher(University of Padova, Italy), "Fault Detection Problems for Boolean Control Networks"
  • Richard M. Murray(California Institute of Technology, USA), "Feedback and Control in Biological Circuit Design"
  • Yongchun Xie(Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, China Academy of Space Technology, China), "Characteristic Modeling Theory and Its Application in Rendezvous and Docking Control"

第33届中国控制会议, 2014年7月28~30日, 中国 南京

The 33rd Chinese Control Conference,   July 28-30, 2014,   Nanjing China

  • Er-Wei Bai(University of Iowa, USA), "Big data: the curse of dimensionality and variable selection in identification for a high dimensional nonlinear non-parametric system"
  • Vijay Kumar(University of Pennsylvania, USA), "Aerial robot swarms"
  • Kameshwar Poolla(University of California at Berkeley, USA), "The future grid: renewables, regulation, and control"
  • Frank Doyle(University of California at Santa Barbara, USA), "Engineering the artificial pancreas"
  • Gang Feng(City University of Hong Kong, China), "Intelligent control: a fuzzy dynamic model based approach"
  • Yi Huang(Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS), "Active disturbance rejection control: methodology, practice and analysis"
  • Karl Henrik Johansson(Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), "Cooperative driving for road goods transportation: optimization and control"

第32届中国控制会议, 2013年7月26~28日, 中国 西安

The 32nd Chinese Control Conference,   July 26-28, 2013,   Xi'an China

  • Christos G. Cassandras(Boston University, USA), "Event-driven Control, Communication, and Optimization"
  • Minyue Fu(University of Newcastle, Australia), "Distributed Estimation and Control for Networked Control Systems"
  • Demin Xu(Northwestern Polytechnical University, China), "Modeling and Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"
  • Wing Shing Wong(The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China), "Networks of Open Interaction"
  • Paul M. J. Van den Hof(Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands), "Model-based Optimization and Control of Subsurface Flow in Oil Reservoirs"
  • Ian R. Petersen(University of New South Wales, Australia), "Control and Robustness for Quantum Linear Systems"
  • Zongli Lin(University of Virginia, USA), "Low Gain Feedback: Properties, Design Methods and Applications"

第31届中国控制会议, 2012年7月25~27日, 中国 合肥

The 31st Chinese Control Conference,   July 25-27, 2012,   Hefei China

  • Sergio Bittanti(Milan Institute of Technology, Italy), "System Identification and Control: A Fruitful Cooperation over Half a Century and Mores"
  • Ian Craig(University of Pretoria, South Africa), "Grinding Mill Modeling and Control: Past, Present and Future"
  • Zhongtuo Wang(Dalian University of Technology, China), "Application of Supernetwork in Systems Analysis"
  • Xi-Ren Cao(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China), "Event-Based Optimization and Applications"
  • Tetsuya Iwasaki(University of California, Los Angeles, USA), "Biological Control Mechanisms for Oscillation and Locomotion"
  • Panos Antsaklis(University of Notre Dame, USA), "Cyber-Physical Systems Design Using Dissipativity"
  • Weibo Gong(the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA), "Can One Hear the Shape of a Concept"

第30届中国控制会议, 2011年7月22~24日, 中国 烟台

The 30th Chinese Control Conference,   July 22-24, 2011,   Yantai China

  • Tamer Basar(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), "Sensing, Coordination and Control in Adversarial Environments with Limited Actions"
  • Daizhan Cheng(Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences), "Synthesis of Boolean Networks via Semi-tensor Product"
  • Anders Rantzer(Lund University, Sweden), "Distributed Control Using Positive Quadratic Programming"
  • Alberto Isidori(University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy ), "The Zero Dynamics of a Nonlinear System: from the Origin to the Latest Progresses of a Long Successful Story"
  • Lihua Xie(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore ), "Control over Communication Networks: Trend and Challenges in Integrating Control Theory and Information Theory"
  • Bo Zhang(Tsinghua University, China), "Content-based Information Processing-A New Challenge"
  • Matthew James(Australian National University, Australia ), "Quantum Feedback Control"

第29届中国控制会议, 2010年7月29~31日, 中国 北京

The 29th Chinese Control Conference,   July 29-31, 2010,   Beijing China

  • Lennart Ljung(Linkopings Universitet, Sweden), "Approaches to Identification of Non-linear Systems"
  • 杨树兴(北京理工大学), "Trend of the Artillery Rocket and the Problems Related to Control"
  • Iven Mareels(The University of Melbourne, Australian), "Extremum Seeking - 60 Years of Adaptive Control"
  • Roberto Tempo(National Research Council of Italy), "Randomized Algorithms for Design of Uncertain Complex Systems"
  • Ben M. Chen(National University of Singapore), "Research and Development of Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems"
  • 郭宝珠(中国科学院数学与系统科学研究院), "Well-posedness and Regularity of Partial Differential Control Systems"

第27届中国控制会议, 2008年7月16~18日, 云南 昆明

The 27th Chinese Control Conference,   July 16-18, 2008,   Kuming Yunnan

  • Manfred Morari(ETH Zurich, Switzerland), "Control of Hybrid Systems: Theory, Computation and Applications"
  • Hidenori Kimura(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan), "A New Neural Computation Scheme of Unsupervised Learning with Applications to Robot Biped Locomotion"
  • 黄琳(北京大学), "运动体控制的几个科学问题"
  • David Hill(Australian National University, Australia), "Advances in Stability Theory for Complex Systems and Networks"
  • Tsu-Tian Lee(National Taipei University of Technology), "Research on Intelligent Transportation Systems in Taiwan"

第26届中国控制会议, 2007年7月27~29日, 湖南 张家界

The 26th Chinese Control Conference,   July 27-29, 2007,   Zhangjiajie Hunan

  • Brian D. O. Anderson(The Australian National University, Australia), "Information Architecture and Control Design for Rigid Formations"
  • Jiarui Wu(Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CAS), "Systems Biology and Complex Disease"
  • Wook Hyun Kwon(Seoul Nat’l Univ., Korea), "From Infinite Horizon to Receding Horizon for Controls, Estimations, and Optimizations"
  • Theodore E. Djaferis(University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA), "Systems and Control Impact in a Changing World"
  • Andrew R. Teel(University of California, USA), "Hybrid Systems: Stability and Control"
  • Tielong Shen(Sophia University, Japan), "Analysis and Control of Discontinuous Dynamical Systems"

第25届中国控制会议, 2006年8月7~11日, 黑龙江 哈尔滨

The 25th Chinese Control Conference,   August 7-11, 2006,   Harbin Heilongjiang

  • Tzyh-Jong Tarn(Washington University in St. Louis, USA), "Feedback Control of Decoherence: Systems Theoretical Approach"
  • Miroslav Krstic(University of California at San Diego, USA), "Boundary Control of PDEs and Applications to Turbulent Flows and Flexible Structures"
  • Graham C. Goodwin(The University of Newcastle, Australia), "Efficient Data Representations for Signal Processing and Control: “Making Most of a Little”"
  • Anders Lindquist(Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), "A Global-Analysis Approach to Robust Control"
  • Stephen Boyd(Stanford University, USA), "Advances in Convex Optimization"
  • Lei Guo(Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS), "Multi-Agent Systems with Local Rules: Towards a Theory of Analysis and Control"

第24届中国控制会议, 2005年7月15~18日, 广东 广州

The 24th Chinese Control Conference,   July 15-18, 2005,   Guangzhou Guangdong

  • Clyde F. Martin(Texas Tech University, USA), "Splines and Control Theory: Past, Present and Future"
  • Kemin Zhou(Louisiana State University, USA), "High Performance Robust and Fault Tolerant Control"
  • Hassan K. Khalil(Michigan State University, USA), "Conditional Integral Action in Nonlinear Control"
  • Jing Sun(University of Michigan, USA), "Integrated Powerplants for Advanced Transportation Systems: Challenges and Opportunities for Controls "
  • 吴捷(华南理工大学), "可再生能源中的控制与电力电子技术"

第23届中国控制会议, 2004年8月11~13日, 江苏 无锡

The 23th Chinese Control Conference,   August 11-13, 2004,   Wuxi Jiangsu

  • Dimitri P. Bertsekas(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), "Neuro-Dynamic Programming: An Overview"
  • Yoichi Hori(The University of Tokyo, Japan), "Future Vehicle Driven by Electricity and Control"
  • 王行愚(华东理工大学), "基于电脑信号的人机融合控制"
  • Mark W. Spong(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA), "The Passivity Paradigm in Robot Control"
  • Frank L. Lewis(University of Texas at Arlington, USA), "Robust Optimal Control of Constrained Inputsystems Using Neural Networks"
  • Yong-Zai Lu(Shanghai Jiao Tong University), "Profit-Driven Manufacturing Enterprise Optimization: Problem and Solution"

第22届中国控制会议, 2003年8月11~14日, 湖北 宜昌

The 22th Chinese Control Conference,   August 11-14, 2003,   Yichang Hubei

  • John Baillieul(Boston University, USA), "Intelligent Nonlinear Control"
  • Qiang Lu(Tsinghua University), "SDM Hybrid Control Approach for Nonlinear Systems and Its Application to Power Systems"
  • Romeo Ortega(Supelec, France), "New Results on Interconnection and Damping Assignment Passivity-Based Control"
  • Jie Chen(University of California, USA), "Fundamental Limitations of Feedback Control"
  • Zhong-Ping Jiang(Polytechnic University, USA), "Control of Complex Systems: A Personal Account of the Recent Development in Applied Nonlinear Control"

第21届中国控制会议, 2002年8月13~15日, 浙江 杭州

The 21th Chinese Control Conference,   August 13-15, 2002,   Hangzhou Zhejiang

  • 孙优贤(浙江大学), "Industrial Process Control and Optimization"
  • Li Qiu(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), "Pre-Classical Tools for Post-Modern Control--with an Eye on Control Education"
  • 李伯虎(航天总公司科工集团), "现代建模与仿真技术的新发展"
  • Jie Huang(The Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Status of Output Regulation in Uncertain Nonlinear Systems"
  • Liangliang Xie(Institute of Systems Science, CAS), "An Introduction to Network Information Theory and its Implications on Wireless Communications"

第20届中国控制会议, 2001年8月10~12日, 辽宁 大连

The 20th Chinese Control Conference,   August 10-12, 2001,   Dalian Liaoning

  • Tzyh-Jong Tarn(Washington University, USA), "Progress in Quantum Computing and Its Impact on Research and Education"
  • Bijoy K. Ghosh(Washington University, USA), "Dynamical Encoding with a Population of Cells: A Neurobiological Perspective"
  • 柴天佑(东北大学), "基于EPR/MES/PCS三级结构的金矿企业现代化集成制造系统"
  • Shinji Hara(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), "Super Mechano-Systems: The Fusion of Mechanical & Control Engineering"
  • Yuan Wang(Florida Atlantic University, USA), "Stability and Detectability Notions in the ISS Framework"
  • Hua Wang(Duke University, USA), "A Nonlinear Perspective to Intelligent and Complex Systems"

第19届中国控制会议, 2000年12月5~8日, 中国 香港

The 19th Chinese Control Conference,   December 5-8, 2000,   HongKong China

  • 吴澄(清华大学), "现代集成制造系统及其系统和控制问题"
  • Le Yi Wang(Wayne State University, USA), "Information and Complexity in Control Systems"
  • Guanrong Chen(City University of Hong Kong), "Generating Chaos by Feedback Control for Engineering Application"
  • C. W. Chan(The University of Hong Kong), "Design and Stability Issues for Systems with Actuator Staturation"

第18届中国控制会议, 1998年9月15~20日, 浙江 宁波

The 18th Chinese Control Conference,   Septamber 15-20, 1998,   Ningbo Zhejiang

  • 程代展(中科院系统所), "哈密顿控制系统与辛几何方法"
  • 孙优贤(浙江大学), "现场总线控制系统"
  • 钟义信(北京邮电大学), "通信与控制"

第17届中国控制会议, 1997年8月18~23日, 江西 庐山

The 17th Chinese Control Conference,   August 18-23, 1997,   Lushan Jiangxi

  • 袁璞(中国石油大学), "控制理论与过程控制的发展"
  • Peter E. Caines(McGill University, Canada), "Hierarchical Hybrid Control Systems"
  • Li-Xin Wang(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), "Stability Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems: An Overview"

第16届中国控制会议, 1996年9月15~20日, 山东 青岛

The 16th Chinese Control Conference,   September 15-20, 1996,   Qingdao Shandong

  • 秦革(航天工业总公司五O二所), "发展自动控制技术、促进国民经济建设"

第15届中国控制会议, 1995年10月15~20日, 安徽 黄山

The 15th Chinese Control Conference,   October 15-20, 1995,   Huangshan Anhui

  • 杨嘉墀(中国空间技术研究所), "中国空间计划中智能自主控制技术的发展"
  • 徐孝涵(国家自然科学基金委), "重视基础性研究、促进学科发展"
  • 金以慧(清华大学), "过程控制的发展与展望"
  • Xi-Ren Cao(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), "An Overview of Perturbation Analysis"
  • 黄琳(北京大学), "系统族动态分析中的若干问题及现状"
  • 孙德敏(中国科技大学), "现代控制理论应用中所遇到的挑战和问题"

第14届中国控制会议, 1994年8月15~22日, 山西 太原

The 14th Chinese Control Conference,   August 15-22, 1994,   Taiyuan Shanxi

  • 余达太(北京科技大学), "钢铁工业自动化技术面临的机遇与挑战"
  • 贾利民(铁道科学研究院), "铁路运输自动化——现状、问题与挑战"
  • 胡保生(西安交通大学), "并行计算对控制理论与方法发展的机遇和挑战"